Louis Vuitton project
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Bag Doc Inc. currently offers 3 different services.
1. Handbag repair service
Expert handbag repairs include making new handles and straps
for any bag. Zipper replacements, lining replacements, piping and binding
replacements are expertly done. Hardware replacement and stitching of any kind are
common requests. We offer professional cleaning and treatment of leather goods.
2. Authentication service
Our extensive training with most designer handbags and our hands
on experience with the fabrics and hardware gives us the necessary
knowledge which is needed to determine whether a handbag is counterfeit.
This service is most valuable as the penalty for selling counterfeit goods is severe.
Large chain stores are constantly being sued for unknowingly selling counterfeit
handbags. Coach, Louis Vuitton ,Chanel, and Marc Jacobs are designers which
are far too often copied and then sold as the " real thing ".
3. Sample and production troubleshooting
Our experience with overall handbag designs and the goods which
they are constructed with , gives us the ability to see design flaws and material
breakdowns before handbags are mass produced or before large chain stores decide
to buy large quantities of them.